The Integrated Bodywork Center of Brooklyn houses the massage therapy practice of Sarah Lazarus, and Danu Physical Therapy (specializing in pelvic health). 

Bodywork with Sarah shifts chronic patterns of pain and restriction in the body, resulting in greater freedom of movement and a deepening relationship to your physicality. We work to unwind postural and structural patterns layer by layer, getting to the root causes and eliciting lasting change.

Whether you treat yourself now and then or decide to incorporate regular sessions into your self-care plan, Sarah will help you become more conscious of your body and learn how to prevent future pain and injury.

We look forward to working with you towards a healthier, pain-free life!

Sarah’s gentle and effective touch helped my body realign and my back heal faster, with greater ease.
— Lisa C.
Her gentle touch and presence creates a calm and safe space for me to release and do work deeper than the aches and tension that’s in the surface. I always leave feeling lighter and cared for.
— Jessi B.
She worked through all the different structural issues that were contributing to the problem and really realigned my body. I’ve had a better outcome with Sarah than I have in physical therapy, acupuncture, or other massage therapists.
— Mari B.