Client Testimonials

I came to Sarah with hip pain that had been troubling me for years. She worked through all the different structural issues that were contributing to the problem and really realigned my body. I’ve had a better outcome with Sarah than I have in physical therapy, acupuncture, or other massage therapists. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Mari B.
Sarah is absolutely wonderful. I’ve been getting massages throughout my pregnancy and she’s been so helpful in alleviating aches and pains, stress, and talking me through alignment issues. I would whole-heartedly recommend her for prenatal or any kind of massage.
— Anna W.
I have benefited immensely from weekly massage sessions with Sarah. She has resolved a host of longstanding muscular and pain issues and helped to adjust and re-align my gait and posture. Sarah is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered.
— Tom H.
Sarah is the most knowledgable, personable and skilled massage therapist I’ve encountered in NYC in my 7+ years of living here. Incredible service and experience. Couldn’t recommend her more.
— Emily B.
I found Sarah during the last trimester of my first pregnancy and I am so glad I did. Sarah was very thorough, knowledgable, and supportive during a time when my body was constantly changing. I trusted her with the care of my body and my baby and she was a wonderful, nurturing, resource as I approached the birth of our baby. I also worked with her postpartum and feel she had such a positive effect on my healing process. I would highly recommend her for prenatal and postpartum bodywork!
— Kristen D.
This is deep, thoughtful, intelligent body work. I started seeing Sarah about a year ago. I felt more balanced and at ease in my body after our first session, and Sarah’s services have only become more valuable as she’s gotten to know my particular collection of habits and knots. Highly recommended.
— Sarah T.
I came to Sarah on a recommendation from a friend. Best recommendation ever! I’m a crossfitter and working very hard to stay healthy so that I can keep doing the sport I have come to love so much. Sarah kept me feeling amazing through the 2018 crossfit open. Two weeks later I had another competition and I felt great while others I knew were sore for days. Ive gotten my first bar and ring muscle ups since starting to work with her and Im sure its because of the deep work she is doing that is allowing for greater mobility, particularly in my shoulders. Each session she gets a little deeper and closer to the root of my issues. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Tanya T.
A friend recommended Sarah and the Integrated Bodywork Center of Brooklyn to me. Sarah is amazing to work with - always calm and healing both in her work and her demeanor. She’s helped me so much in dealing with the physical fallout of work stress - I look forward to every appointment.
— Cassandra T.
I went to see Sarah after I acutely pulled my lower back during a performance. Sarah’s gentle and effective touch helped my body realign and my back heal faster, with greater ease. Sarah is very knowledgeable and I trusted her and felt at ease immediately. She was recommended to me by my good friend who is also a talented massage therapist. I would happily recommend Sarah to others and plan on seeing her again.
— Lisa C.
Sarah worked with me over 5 sessions to relieve pain and tension in my knee. My condition improved considerably, but what’s more, she helped me see some bigger emotional issues at play.
— Jamie Y.
Sarah Lazarus is a really great massage therapist and bodywork professional in the neighborhood. I was recommended to her by a neighbor, and I went to her because of a pulled muscle in my neck. She was able to fit me into her busy schedule for a quick 30 minute session, and the results were amazing. I used to dance a lot, so I am hyper conscious of what is going on with my body, and I found she was able to work out the muscles compounding my neck strain and ease away the tension and stress. She also consulted with me about my daily activities and discussed methods for how to prevent it from happening again. I went back for a full session and hope to continue with her in the future.
— Jei T.
I reached out to Sarah when the many days of postnatal healing and nursing in bed had begun to take a toll. My lower back and pelvis were very sore and tight. Sarah came to my home and was able to give me an amazing massage both while my baby was napping and while she was nursing on the table with me! I’ve had massages in the past that were more like back rubs (way too light) and deep tissue Chinese massage (can be painful but effective). I loved Sarah’s massage because it was very effective at loosening and relaxing my body but was not painful. She used many techniques to address my needs and was able to help me think about how to care for myself better with how I nursed the baby and through stretching. If it were possible, I would have scheduled a massage every week. As it is, I will continue to seek Sarah’s skilled hands and wealth of knowledge whenever I can!
— Sarah T.
As someone who is open to many approaches to health and healing, and believes in the interactive nature of caring for myself, I have received many types of massage. From my first session with Sarah I knew that she has been given what I call “the gift.” Sarah is one of the few massage therapists I have worked with who I know to be truly gifted. I know this from her “laying on of hands” and the integration of her knowledge, intuitiveness, and interpretation of what my body is telling her and how she “listens” to that and directs our work together. I began my work with Sarah to attend to the chronic neck stress I, like so many others, experience from computer use. Sarah is working with me to help me repattern how I use my body, through her hands-on-work on the table, and as a coach through our conversations about my posture and patterns of tension in my body. I have been experiencing positive outcomes and benefits since my first session.
— Joanne T.
I went to Sarah with incredible pain in my lower back and tail bone. I teach music classes for kids and am always sitting in “criss cross apple sauce” which can be really hard on your body. I went to Sarah twice and after the second visit I felt a big shift in my body and the next day I was basically cured. I went from feeling like I was carrying around a brick in my lower back to feeling light and pain free. Amazing. She’s gentle but direct to the problem area and coaxes your body to heal. Can’t say enough good stuff about her.
— -Amy M.
I don’t know what I’d do without Sarah. My physical well-being has improved so much since she first laid those smart, powerful hands of hers on my neck and shoulders. I’m a writer, so I work all day at my computer. In fact I’ve had desk jobs most of my life. Years ago I discovered a lump on the right side of my neck. I didn’t know how long it had been there, but I asked my doctor about it right away. He told me it was nothing and not to worry. “But what is it?” I wanted to know. He couldn’t say. Turns out it was a rock-solid knot! And it had developed from holding tension in my neck and shoulders. So Sarah began working on it weekly. And after just a few months, I can barely feel it! I’m still amazed at the progress and how much better I feel. Sarah also made recommendations for how to improve my posture with a better computer set-up and gave me stretching exercises I can do. I really can’t thank her enough for helping me feel better physically and mentally. I hope you get a chance to find out for yourself how exceptional she is.
— Julie T.
Gentle, deep and safe is what comes to me when I think of the time Sarah openly gives me at our sessions. Her gentle touch and presence creates a calm and safe space for me to release and do work deeper than the aches and tension that’s in the surface. I always leave feeling lighter and cared for. Sarah was and continues to be an essential part of my process of rediscovering and connecting to my body. She supported me through my pre-pregnant years when I was healing from cancer, during pregnancy which was comforting and so very needed, and now postpartum and nursing where Sarah gently eases my aches and most importantly honors the time and self-care I give myself. I highly recommend her work and am so grateful to know I have a trusted therapist I can count on.
— -Jessi B.
Sarah is an educated, talented and intuitive therapist. As a massage therapist myself, I like to know that the person massaging me knows what they are doing and Sarah knows. I just trusted her immediately. I recommend her highly.
— Siobhan T.